Christmas Party In the USA

Have you had your office Christmas party already? If you haven't, hope it's a good one.

The recent joint Christmas party celebration of ICOM America and ICOM Canada was definitely a good one. The party started at 3 pm, pacific time, Friday 11th, at ICOM America in Kirkland, Washington.

It's Albert (@AlbertRiopel) & myself (@EarlaRiopel) second year's celebration of Christmas with ICOM. Through viewing all these related Christmas party pictures, it will give you an idea what happened before, during and after the party. Most of the pictures were taken by Albert.

Besides the delicious food, lots of drinks and sweets, we had a chance to say hi and joined in with the casino-like games. An introduction to playing cards and few games that you see in a casino was sure fun. You never know when the next time be asked to play cards and visit a real casino.

Albert did not play, but yours truly did - for learning purposes. Closer to the end, we found out that we are playing for 'real' door prizes! Each of us got $3,000 (not real money - of course). Used up my first grand and still have two grand left.

Albert was determined not to play his share, gave it to me instead. Last card-cut for a first Blackjack game - Albert coached me in this one. All five grand in just one bet - won ten grand! Albert let me reported it under my name. What a team mate!

Though we did not win any of the door prizes, we still had a great time. Right after the party, we went to our hotel at Marriott - Kirkland, such a great accommodation.

We went back to Canada the next day. Every time we visit Washington, we had to stop at our favorite Bento - Mountlake Terrace for lunch, which we did.

With a full stomach, a great Christmas party with great people and almost empty traffic at USA/Canada border  - driving on a Saturday stormy-like weather seemed like a blessing.

Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year everyone.

Until then.

Albert and Earla

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